Influence: The Abstract Art of Rich Robinson

September 21, 2018 to October 20, 2018

Cambria Gallery | 3096 Roswell Rd | Atlanta, GA

Curated by Denise Jackson - Town + Culture

Hours: Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm | Saturday 10am - 5pm

Rich Robinson is a renowned guitarist and songwriter, as well as the co-founder of the seminal rock band, The Black Crowes. He's now on tour across the US and Europe with The Magpie Salute. On September 21st, The Magpie Salute is performing at the Buckhead Theatre.

Robinson has exhibited art in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and Connecticut. His previous exhibit in Atlanta was Depth: the Abstract Art of Rich Robinson.

'My inspiration to paint comes from the possibility of what could be. For me, the painting process differs from music because of the solitude involved. It starts and stops when I decide. The similarity is the way I'm influenced. With music, it's the sonics that influence me. A tone can spark a whole song. With painting, it's the color and textures that influence me. I layer on the paint and as the textures develop, the painting takes shape. The general relationship is different because of the number of senses used. With guitar it's my ear that dictates the song and moves me. With painting it's the feel of the paint, the feel of the brush in your hands, the smell of the paint and the depth of what I'm seeing. Music is much more ethereal' ~ Rich Robinson, Paste Magazine